Pool, Sauna & Steam Room

Water refreshes and revives. Whether for leisure, pleasure or exercise, The Peak’s 20m indoor swimming pool in Knightsbridge and its associated whirlpool, sauna and steam facilities is the perfect place to re-invigorate your mind and body.

The Peak Health Club & Spa is also home to one of the few swimming pools in London that use the new revolutionary PoolSan, which is an alternative to the traditional chlorine treatments. It keeps the pool cleaner, more hygienic and crystal clear and because it is hypo-allergenic, odour free and toxin free means that it is good for your hair, skin and eyes.

Part of The Peak Health Club & Spa, the sauna and steam rooms offer members the chance to relax and let the heat relieve muscular aches, detoxify the skin and improve your circulation and well being.