A revolutionary way of shaping your body, Technoshape ensures that the fat you burn as you exercise is from your midriff area. Book a series of Technoshape sessions and you'll lose inches from your waist and a more sculpted, toned torso. 

TechnoShape transforms the body’s ability to burn fat around the midriff, using a combination of gentle exercise to increase metabolism and patented Pressure Pause Therapy to increase blood circulation locally as you undertake gentle exercise such as walking on the treadmill.   

TechnoShape is perfect for:

  • Men wanting to get rid of their ‘beer belly’
  • Sportsmen and women who are looking to define their abdominals for professional or amateur competition
  • Apple-shaped men and women with excess fat around the stomach and waist
  • Women wanting to get rid of stomach fat after pregnancy
  • Post-menopausal women who want to target stubborn stomach fat
  • Women who want to regain their hourglass shape
  • People considering a tummy tuck or other surgical solution.

To find out more about Technoshape, speak with one of our trainers or reception team on +44 (0)20 7858 7300 or email