Our Trainers

Babatunde Somefun

Babatunde Somefun - Senior Personal Trainer

Tunde (as he is known) is liked and respected by all his clients, with well over 20 years’ experience in the Fitness Industry including working with many top athletes and body builders; it is little wonder why his skills are in such demand.


Savatore (Toto) Prontera

As an ex athlete Toto is dedicated to sport, enthusiastic and easily approachable. He loves to analyse, diagnose, and then create personalised programs which fit the client’s goals, making their workout challenging and fun. Toto has always had huge interest in sport performance, fitness and coaching. As a trainer, he has great belief that anyone can get to their goals.

Rob Jhita

Rob Jhita

Rob is a keen sportsman and has a multitude of experience in the competitive sports arena, including middle & long distance running, Muay Thai kickboxing and boxing. These unique experiences have shaped his style and approach towards motivating and challenging his clients to reach their best.


Kyle Wightman

Whether it be speed, agility, power or endurance, Kyle personalises training around each person individually. Whether you are an athlete or an office worker, with his knowledge and experience he can help you achieve your personal goals. He also specialises in back pain management and postural correction, with a keen interest in body aesthetics using a variety of techniques. 


Joanna Jamroz

Joanna has a unique and motivational approach to every one of her clients. Creating a fitness plan with a combination of training and nutritional advice, these holistic programs will achieve big results! Joanna believes that the only obstacles we have are those created in our mind thus the only way to truly transform your body is to change your mind set!


Conrad Rull

Conrad has been a personal trainer for over 10 years. His passion for health and fitness sees him constantly challenge his clients and himself with a number of high-intensity races under his belt including the Spartan race and Desert warrior challenge. As well as personal training, Conrad teaches Body Conditioning, Core Strength, TRX, BodyPump and Grid HIIT class. His aim is to make training enjoyable and ensure clients reach their goal with a clear fitness plan.