Meet The Team at The Peak Health Club & Spa

Meet the Team

Hugh Murphy, Director of Leisure

Hugh has 11 years' experience in the health and fitness industry and over 20 years in hospitality, including working at some of the most illustrious health clubs in London and the south east. A passionate golfer and a general fitness enthusiast, Hugh has competed in various sports and is still a regular user of the gym.

Best breakfast food: Three scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast
Favourite healthy snack: Nuts and raisins
Best post work-out reward: A hot shower, sauna and steam

Laura Benson, Membership Manager

Laura joined The Peak in 2015 and quickly progressed to membership executive and most recently to membership manager. Laura offers a unique insight into the benefits of joining a gym and works tirelessly to ensure Peak members are content as they work towards their fitness goals. 

Top spa tip: Try not to eat any heavy meals before a treatment. If you can, limit caffeine too. Being too full or too wired might make it difficult to relax and get comfortable.
Favourite exercise: Swimming
Best post work-out reward: Peak smoothie 

Ceri Silk, Spa Manager

With 30 years’ experience in the health and beauty industry, Ceri has held management roles in spas and clinics across the UK and Asia. As Spa Manager, she oversees all aspects of The Peak spa's operations including working closely with our beauty and skincare partners on the development of new treatments and ranges.

Top beauty tip: Use a shimmery gloss to the center of your lips, top and bottom. This will attract light to your lips, enhancing that pout.  
Favourite treatment: Facials
Best post work-out reward: Olives

Anna Kotek

Anna Kotek
Anna Kotek, Reception Manager

Anna started her career in one of the most prestigious hotels in Japan studying Omotenashi which is widely regarded as the finest hospitality in the world. Her enthusiasm for people and different cultures (as well as being able to speak four languages) has made her an asset to many a hotel in the world and we are proud she has joined the team!

Top fitness tip: Set achievable goals and take baby steps for small daily wins. That will help you to develop healthy habits, build your confidence and keep you motivated.
Favourite exercise: Kickboxing
Best post work-out reward: Chocolate protein shake

Sam Nicholl, Senior Membership Consultant

Sam has worked in the fitness industry for the last four years and is a big believer that fitness is great for the mind as well as the body and should be something you enjoy! 
Ask Sam about the latest fitness challenges to help reach your peak. 

Top fitness tip: Always you ensure you stretch pre and post work out - this will discourage any workout injuries
Favourite exercise: Running
Best post work-out reward: Peanut butter on oat cakes